2020 Planner

The yearly planner for 2020, that helps you achieve your most ambitious goals.

2020 Planner helps you align your daily activities, with your most ambitious goals throughout the year.

So you can focus your days, on the few high-impact actions that move the needle.

The goal-setting pages (yearly & quarterly) help you set measurable goals & track progress throughout the year, so you can adjust course quickly if things go off track.

The monthly, weekly & daily planning pages help you identify, prioritize & focus, on the few tasks that move the needle on the goals you care about.

  • Lasts for a full year⁠—52 weeks of making consistent progress, towards your goals.
  • Ships in 5-7 days (worldwide)
The Couple Pack

2 Planners


€80 Save €21

The Yearly Pack

4 Planners


€160 Save €51

The Team Pack

10 Planners


€400 Save €201

Set, track & crush your 2020 goals

- with the built in Goal Planner

Outline your 2020 Goals

Set up-to three yearly goals, for the key focus areas you want to improve in 2020

— Work goals, family goals, health goals, etc.
Break them down quarterly

Break down your yearly goals into smaller trackable quarterly goals & initiatives, with OKRs

— Set & track up to three measurable goals for up to three focus areas each quarter.
Track progress weekly

Each week, track your progress towards your prioritized goals

— So you can measure the impact of the work you did, & adjust course quickly if things go off track.

Organize your plans & get more done

- with the Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners

The Monthly Agenda

Your month at a glance

Set priorities, track monthly habits & count down towards important dates, with the monthly agenda.
The Weekly Planner

Outline your priorities for the week, across work & your personal life

Pro tip: Use the weekly goals section, to set weekly milestone goals, based off your quarterly OKRs
The Daily Schedule

Schedule your priorities daily & get them done

- with a full 24-hour daily schedule.


All orders are dispatched in 5-7 days

Region Method Speed Cost
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United Kingdom & Ireland Priority mail 1-3 business days €4
France Regular mail 2-4 business days €4
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Rest of the World Regular mail 2-7 business days €4

Frequently answered questions (F.A.Q's)

How much is Shipping? (€4)

Standard Shipping is €4. If the shipping method is trackable for your country, you will receive a tracking number.

Express shipping is available at checkout & is always trackable.

Where do I start?

I recommend you start with our free Goal-Setting Kit. It helps you identify & prioritize the goals that matter most to you. Then you can copy those Goals into your 2020 Planner for execution.

When you start executing, start with the Weekly Planner. When that becomes a habit, add the Weekly Reflection to your routine. This gradual introduction is the only way the habits will stick long-term, if you are just getting started.

How long does the Planner last?

We designed the 2020 Planner to last the Full Year.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

Have questions?

Send an email to support@theagileyou.com for unlimited free answers to your questions.