2021 Planner

Set, track & crush your 2021 goals, in 52 weekly sprints.

2021 Planner

Set, track & crush your 2021 goals, in 52 weekly sprints.
Product description
The 2021 Planner helps you align your daily activities, with your yearly goals, so you can make consistent progress towards them.
  • Set measurable goals & track your progress towards them.
  • Identify, prioritise & focus your days, on the few tasks that move the needle on your goals.
  • Adopt science-backed productivity habits, to keep you going throughout the year.
  • Configuration: You get two 6" X 9" planners, 182 pages each. For Jan—Jun & Jul—Dec.
  • Achieve your 2021 Goals, in 52 weekly sprints. Order your 2021 Planner below.
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Set, track & crush your 2021 goals

With the inbuilt Goal Planner & Tracker.
Outline your 2021 goals—set up-to 3 yearly goals, for the key life-areas you'll improve in 2021.
Break them down—break down your yearly goals into smaller, trackable, quarterly goals (OKRs.)
Track progress weekly—so you can measure the impact of your work over time.

Organise your plans and get more done everyday

With the Monthly, Weekly & Daily Planners
The Monthly Agenda— View your month at a glance, set priorities, track habits & count down towards important dates, with the monthly agenda.
The Weekly Planner—Outline your priorities for the week, across work & your personal life.
The Daily Schedule—Schedule your priorities & get them done. With the 24-hour daily schedule for 7 days per week, & space for 3 daily priorities.


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