Daily Planner

Achieve your goals, one day at a time.

What's inside

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly planners
  • Daily & Weekly reviews
  • Weekly & Monthly Habit trackers

Organize your day. Focus your day on your priorities. Get more done!

Support your goals with tiny habits. Track the daily habits that support your larger goals.

Develop a positive mindset. Practice daily gratitude to develop a positive outlook on life.

  • Undated
  • Made for 91 days⁠—13 weeks
  • Ships in 5-7 days—worldwide



€20 €20 per planner



€96 €15 per planner



€240 €12.70 per planner

What's inside

The Daily Planner

91x Daily pages, for 13 weeks of daily planning.

  • Daily planner—Prioritize your daily to-do list.

  • Reflect on your day—Analyze your day. Find areas of to improve.

  • One dotted page per day—For your ideas, distractions & notes.

The Weekly Planner

13x Weekly Pages, for planning your weeks.

  • Weekly planning—Prioritize your week.

  • Weekly reflection—Spot patterns & craft a plan to improve.

  • Habit tracker—Track the habits that support your goals.

The Monthly Planner

3x Monthly Panners, for planning your months & tracking habits.

  • Monthly calendar

  • Monthly habit tracker

The Free Pages

8x Free pages, to make the planner your own.

  • We included 8 dotted pages at the end of the Planner, for you to track your Goals, Fitness, Fertility, Meals & everything else.


All orders are dispatched in 5-7 days

Region Method Speed Cost
United States & Canada Priority mail 2-5 business days €4
United Kingdom & Ireland Priority mail 1-3 business days €4
France Regular mail 2-4 business days €4
Rest of Europe Priority mail 4-8 business days €4
Latin America Regular mail 7-13 business days €4
Australia Regular mail 2-7 business days €4
Rest of the World Regular mail 2-7 business days €4

Frequently answered questions (F.A.Q's)

How much is Shipping? (€4)

Standard Shipping is €4 Worldwide. If the shipping method is trackable for your country, you will receive a tracking number.

Express Shipping is available at checkout & is always trackable.

Where do I start?

Start with the daily goals. Outline your priorities for the day, by first setting up-to two outcome focused goals for the day.

The daily goals help you identify & tackle the priority tasks first. This helps you get the relevant tasks - the tasks that bring you closer to your goals - done, before your day gets in the way.

What's inside?
  • 91x Daily Pages
  • 13x Weekly Pages
  • 3x Monthly Pages
  • 8x Free pages
How long does the planner last?

The Daily Planner will help you organize your days for 91 days (3 months). After that, you will need a new planner.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.
Can you ship four planners at one time?
Absolutely. Just order The Yearly Pack & you will receive four planners in one shipment (at a discount.)

Have questions?

Send an email to support@theagileyou.com for unlimited free answers to your questions.