Weekly Planner

Stay focused—A habit tracker, calendar and planner, to keep you focused on your priorities.

Weekly Planner helps you align your weekly activities with your goals, so you can make consistent progress towards them.


The Weekly Planner & Daily Schedule help you identify, prioritize & focus, on the few tasks that move the needle on your goals.

The Weekly Review helps you make a quick analysis of your your week, log your wins & identify critical areas of improvement.

The Habit Tracker helps you build & track the daily habits that support your goals.

  • Undated, for 26 weeks (6 months)⁠ of planning.
  • Ships in 5-7 days—worldwide



€48 €19 per planner



€96 €15 per planner



€240 €12.70 per planner

Organize your week & get more done

—with the Monthly & Weekly Planners


Prioritize your day & view your week at a glance.

Identify & prioritize the tasks that move the needle.
Improve your focus
Make daily prioritisation easy
Get more done

Prioritize your week, across work & your personal life

Learn from the past & plan the future.
Reflect on your previous week
Prioritise your upcoming week
Set weekly goals
The Weekly Review

Reflect, adjust course, improve & grow

With the weekly review
Log your wins & learnings.
Identify areas to improve, so you can grow.

Plan your month

Build stronger habits.
Track monthly habits
Count down towards important dates

What's inside

The Daily Schedule

26x Weekly pages, for 13 weeks, 182 days of planning.

  • Daily Schedule—with space for 24 hours per day (Monday to Sunday.)

  • Daily priorities—help you focus on the tasks that move the needle.

The Weekly Section

26x Weekly Pages, for planning your weeks.

  • Weekly Planning

  • Weekly Reflections

  • Weekly Habit Tracker

The Monthly Section

6x Monthly Agendas, for planning your months & tracking habits.

  • Monthly Calendar

  • Monthly habit tracker

The Free Pages

14x Free pages, to make the planner your own.

  • We included 14 pages at the end of the Planner, for you to track your O.K.R.'s, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Fitness, Fertility cycle, Meals or anything else you need to log.


All orders are dispatched in 5-7 days

Region Method Speed Cost
United States & Canada Priority mail 2-5 business days €4
United Kingdom & Ireland Priority mail 1-3 business days €4
France Regular mail 2-4 business days €4
Rest of Europe Priority mail 4-8 business days €4
Latin America Regular mail 7-13 business days €4
Australia Regular mail 2-7 business days €4
Rest of the World Regular mail 2-7 business days €4

Frequently answered questions (F.A.Q's)

How much is Shipping? (€4)

Standard Shipping is €4 Worldwide. If the shipping method is trackable for your country, you will receive a tracking number.

Express Shipping is available at checkout & is always trackable.

Where do I start?

Start with your weekly planner. Outline your priorities for the week and use that as a guide, for daily planning throughout the week.

Daily priorities help you identify & tackle the priority tasks first. This helps you get the important tasks done, before your day gets in the way.

What's inside?
  • 26x Daily Schedules & Weekly Planners
  • 6x Monthly Pages
  • 14x Free pages
How long does the planner last?

The Weekly Planner will help you prioritize your weeks & days for 26 weeks (6 months / 182 days). After that, you will need a new planner.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide.

Have questions?

Send an email to support@theagileyou.com for unlimited free answers to your questions.